Master Breast Imaging

A complete, proven step-by-step system for interpreting and performing all aspects of breast imaging

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Quick question for you…

Do you feel completely prepared based on the training you have received?

Most new radiologists report inadequate breast imaging training, yet the majority of these same radiologists are asked to interpret mammograms in their day-to-day jobs. If you feel you have room for improvement, then today is the day.

Does Any of This Sound Familiar?

  • Freshly trained radiologist, just starting out, suddenly realizes their Breast Imaging training was woefully inadequate.

"I know the terminology but never really learned how to put it all together."

  • Board certified radiologist who joins a new practice and is now being asked to read mammograms for the first time in years.

"There is just not enough time"

  • Starting a Breast Fellowship and can't afford to waste time.

"I can't keep up with the volume..."

  • Breast cancer specialist who is tired of trying to interpret low, quality non-helpful radiology reports.

"Constantly stressed & overwhelmed"

  • Breast surgeon who wants to better understand mammo & breast ultrasound.

"Breast imaging is just an afterthought in my practice."

  • Breast biopsies = no problem... until the elderly, wheelchair bound, female with implants and subtle architectural distortion shows up

"What if I miss a cancer and get sued?"

  • Radiology reports filled with fancy, fluff words and vague recommendations to cover up the lack of confidence of the radiologist

Did you raise your hand for any (or all) of the above?

If so, that's good. You are in the right place.

Take a moment and imagine a world
where you could...

"True wisdom is knowing what you don't know" Confucius

It's not your fault. Breast Imaging training is broken. Maybe you have tried one of these:

  • Big Textbooks - cumbersome, usually outdated & oh, by the way, who has time to read several 400+ page books
  • Board Review books - great for memorizing frequently tested cases, you may pass the test but when you get to your daily practice you are in trouble
  • Lectures - random topics, often biased or focused on some obscure research interest of the speaker, no organized system
  • Dr Google - a good way to learn more about rare cases or to quickly check something, but it's a pretty fragmented way to practice radiology
  • Academic Journals - sure, go ahead and sift through hundreds of obscure, resume boosting, non-practical b.s. articles to find the few pearls of relevant wisdom

What If There Was A Better Way?

I want to introduce you to my secret weapon, the Master Breast Imaging training program. The only complete, proven step-by-step system for interpreting and performing all aspects of breast imaging.

You see when I was training, I had to learn the hard way. I couldn't find the most basic info I needed. All I wanted was a simple checklist approach to looking at a mammogram.

I asked around, I scoured the internet, the library, textbooks and went to lectures locally and nationally. I asked my attendings... and everyone just said "you just have to look at a lot of mammograms."

Uh, not helpful. If I am not looking at them in a consistent, reproducible way then what is the point. I wasted so many hours, so much money and still had to figure it out.

Along the way, what I learned was that the exact order of the steps didn't matter as much as having a proven, easily repeatable system to look at a mammogram. And then do it the same way every-time.

So, I set out to create a similar system for all aspects of breast imaging. Once you have an approach and know a few basic principles, you can handle any scenario that may arise.

Introducing Master Breast Imaging

A few basic fundamentals, presented in an organized manner (that makes practical sense) and a way to practice and soon anyone can become a great breast imager. That is our goal with this course. But it is not really a course, it is the most complete, online training system available. From A - Z, all aspects of breast imaging are covered. Check it out and see what you think.

What's Included in the Training Program?

"I just finished your course and it's awesome. I find myself rewatching your videos often for reference as a resident."

- Allen Li D.O., Radioloy PGY-4, Michigan State University

Course Curriculum

Available in days
days after you enroll
Available in days
days after you enroll

"I took the course and it was really helpful! I'm a radiologist from Colombia with special interest in breast imaging. I really want to be a good doctor in this area for women in my country."

- Anita Hego, Radiologist, Colombia

Your Instructor

Wade Hedegard M.D.
Wade Hedegard M.D.

Wade Hedegard M.D. is a breast imaging radiologist with a special interest in finding ways to improve education. He works at one of the busiest breast imaging practices in the U.S. ( He has lectured at national meetings and at CME courses around the country. He feels weird writing about himself in the third person and will stop now.

During my training I was shocked by the lack of resources available. I poured over dozens of big textbooks and case review books as well as hundreds of journal articles, yet still was unable to quickly and easily answer simple real-world questions. Things like "how do you work up an asymmetry?" or "what are the exact steps to performing a stereotactic biopsy?" I knew there must be a better way.

In radiology, a picture is worth a thousand words and I have discovered that step-by-step video guides are the ultimate way to master any subject. Learning does not have to be so hard!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this training work if I am already a practicing physician who reads mammograms?
This training is not aimed solely to be beginner level. It will show you the basic fundamental principles that will make you a better breast imager. Additionally, there are so many tips, techniques and tools included that there is almost no way that you wouldn’t get a lot of value even if you are already a capable breast imager. Medicine is about lifelong learning and we believe the system we have created can be beneficial no matter your current level of expertise. Our ideal customers are those on the front lines of identifying and managing breast cancer (radiologists, residents/fellows, breast surgeons, oncologists, rad techs and anyone with an interest and a willingness to commit to the process).
I'm not quite ready for your course yet. Can I start the material later?
Yes! If you enroll today (and lock in the bonuses and pricing) you can start your training when it is most convenient for you. The bulk of the course is available immediately, with some of the bonus material like the Quick Scenarios series and quizzes being delivered over a one-year period. But you can access and re-access the content as frequently as you like. It is self-paced. We do deliver some of the materials at certain intervals to keep you accountable. Remember, our goal is to make you the best breast imager possible.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.
Do you have in-training discounts? What if I can't afford it?
As for resident or in-training discounts, the short answer is no. The pricing for the premium training program and the VIP bonuses have been set specially for this launch. We do however offer special international pricing for providers serving in economically challenged areas. See the FAQ below for more details. Some people focus on cost. Those who succeed focus on value. And the value of this course is a lifetime of knowledge that you can put to use. How much will you make over your career while using these skills? Likely hundreds of thousands of dollars or more. It is important to play the long game and not be shortsighted. The cost of the course is high, no doubt. But it is in line (or less expensive) than the cost of many CME courses or weekend conferences. And remember, this is a COMPREHENSIVE course - like a breast fellowship in a box. Additionally, we do have a few suggestions: · Many physicians and health care providers receive an annual education stipend or “CME account” with a certain amount of money in it. We aren’t accountants but this certainly seems like it would qualify as an expense. · There is a 100% 30-day guarantee – meaning that if you check out the material and decide it is not right for you within 30 days, we will refund your money. · Lastly, as we stated before, your investment in this training is nothing compared to the income you could earn and the time savings you could enjoy. Jumpstart your career.
Do you offer CME credits?
No, no, and no. We have made a very conscious decision not to offer any type of continuing education credits for 3 main reasons. 1. We have students from all over the globe. The need for high-quality breast imaging is universal. Every country has different requirements for CME, so it doesn’t make sense for us to be certified by only one accrediting body. 2. Adding specific CME designations = Greater costs to create/distribute = Higher price for the course 3. Most importantly, we have real issues with CME. Most of it is garbage. It is created and used to check a box or meet some arbitrary requirements. The goal is usually to get it done as quickly and inexpensively as possible. “Filler content” that is low quality and not relevant is often added to boost the number of credit hours being offered. This is not the type of students we are seeking or the experience we want to create. Our goal is simple: Improve the quality of breast imaging. We care about you learning, nothing else. (in fact, we will send you a list of free or low cost CME offerings that you can use if you are in need of credits.) This training program is not just a hoop to jump through, it is a way to become a confident, capable breast imager without spending a year in a breast fellowship.
Can I learn the same skills on my own without your course?
Of course you can. There are all kinds of resources available to teach people breast imaging. You can read journal articles, browse free online resources and buy textbooks & case review guides. You can attend lectures and conferences. Maybe even do a formal breast imaging fellowship. I fully believe that you can do-it-yourself - if you've got enough time and spending-money. But if you want to learn to do something as important as diagnosing breast cancer, chances are you'll want to learn how to do it properly. The Master Breast Imaging training will give you the strategies that work, so you don't have to waste several years and thousands of dollars (like I did) figuring out what works. Because we’ve done all that for you. Remember - you're not just getting information or credit hours - you're getting an organized, complete system that will allow you to be comfortable with all aspects of breast imaging.
Do you offer any special pricing for providers working/living in economically deprived areas?
Yes! Our goal at MAMMOGUIDE is to raise the bar of breast imaging around the world. We realize there are economic variations around the globe, particularly related to physician compensation. We are happy to offer international pricing with a special price break for providers serving in economically deprived areas. We trust you know whether or not you fall into this category. If so, please to feel free use the coupon code EMERGINGAREAS at checkout to receive a 50% discount on our comprehensive breast imaging course.


If you want to truly learn breast imaging, then Master Breast Imaging is the complete, step-by-step training system, you need to make it happen fast.

Get started now!